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Will Writing

Will Writing

Deciding which type of Will is right for you can be difficult. You may be getting married, divorced, have children from a previous marriage, a same sex couple cohabiting or perhaps you have a brand new grandchild. It is our job to make sure your wishes are carried out and your loved ones are taken care of, whatever your circumstances.

The types of Will we can provide are:

Single Wills – Concern the estate and wishes of an individual.

Joint Wills – concern the estate and wishes of a couple, who are leaving their estate to each other.

Living Wills – concern the wishes of an individual who is alive, but has lost the ability to make decisions for themselves.

Mirror / Reciprocal Wills – two almost identical Wills of a couple that distribute the estate in the same way as each other, but may have slightly varied wishes for each funeral.

Property Trust Wills – to protect your property from Residential Care Fees.

To get the most out of our consultation, you may wish to spend some time gathering some information such as:

  • A list of your assets (money, property, shares, pensions etc)
  • A list of your liabilities (mortgages, utility bills etc)
  • Who will be the beneficiaries (who you will leave your assets to)
  • Who you would like to be guardians for your minor children
  • Any specific requests such as wishes for particular possessions

The service we received was thorough and very well explained which in turn put mine and my partners minds at rest.

Mr W, Walsall

Excellent. Very pleasant man.

Mr & Mrs T, Hednesford

Service was very friendly and professional.


Mrs W, Kingswinford