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Making a Will – what to expect

If you have decided to make a Will, you can get in touch with Benson Williams to arrange an appointment for us to come and see you in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Once booked, you may wish to consider your personal circumstances and prepare any questions you might have before the appointment date.

During the first meeting, our advisor will take your personal details and the bequest and distribution of your estate. During this time, feel free to ask any questions you have. It is important that you fully understand the terminology, process and legalities of the document being created. One of our fully trained advisors can offer any legal advice to assist you. Please ensure the advisor is aware of any special requests for particular items as well as any intentional omissions (such as estranged relatives).

Once the first consultation is complete, your instructions will be brought back to the office where the documents will be prepared in accordance with your wishes. When this work is complete, you will be contacted to make a follow up appointment.

During this second appointment, our advisor will read through the documents prepared on your behalf to make sure that your wishes have been accurately understood and transcribed. Only once you are happy will the documents be ‘witnessed’. Witnessing is when no less than 2 other people see the Testator (the person who the Will belongs to) signing the Will. Witnesses must be over 18 years old, they must not be related to the Testator and they must not be a beneficiary of the Will. Our advisor will oversee the ‘witnessing’ of your Will to ensure the legal formalities are observed.

Once signed, the documents may be retained by the testator or can be securely stored by Benson Williams for a small annual fee. In our storage facility, the documents are safe from loss, damage or tampering.

The service we received was thorough and very well explained which in turn put mine and my partners minds at rest.

Mr W, Walsall

Excellent. Very pleasant man.

Mr & Mrs T, Hednesford

Service was very friendly and professional.


Mrs W, Kingswinford